Refined Brazilian sugar


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Refined Brazilian sugar

Grade (refined white cane sugar)

White Brazilian sugar is also known as white cane sugar / refined white sugar.
This sugar is made from sugar cane in Brazil.
The characteristics correspond to the product exported by sugar producers in Brazil.

– The polarity of sugar
– Sugar moisture
– Granulometry
– Speed and number of the ICUMSA method
– List of heavy metals
– Other characteristics and varieties.
– Many other industry standards.

Each type of sugar (raw sugar, VHP sugar, white sugar, crystal sugar) has its own ICUMSA rating.
Our main product is Icumsa45, and for special requests we can provide Icumsa 600, Icumsa 800, Icumsa 1200

Sugar standards and specifications

ICUMSA – International Commission on Uniform Methods of Sugar Analysis

ICUMSA 45 – White refined sugar. Also called “London White” *

ICUMSA 150 (including ICUMSA 100-ICUMSA 150). Also called crystal sugar.

VHP or ICUMSA 600-1500 This is also called ” raw sugar.


ICUMSA is a worldwide organization that unites the activities of national sugar analysis committees in more than thirty member countries. The work is carried out under different subject headings, each of which is headed by a Referee.
First of all, the methods are recommended for preliminary approval by ICUMSA. When all the requirements of the Commission are met, the methods are assigned an official status. Methods that are clearly useful and have found their application, or that are not amenable to joint testing, receive the “Accepted” status ”

The ICUMSA rating is an international unit of measurement for the purity of sugar in a solution, which is directly related to the color of sugar. Keep in mind that there are different types of ICUMSA blocks. For Brazilian sugar, the lower the ICUMSA index, the whiter it is.
However, for some unknown reason, things are different in the EU. SGS of Sao Paulo has published specifications for ICUMSA numbers for EU products that contradict Brazilian specifications; for example, in Brazil, SGS has an ICUMSA rating of 45 rubles.for refined, which indicates the highest quality, and other lower-quality varieties (such as Special Extra Crystal) have a higher ICUMSA equal to 150, and so on.
This evaluation method is confirmed by the Institute of Sugar and Alcohol in Brazil.

TU strongly depends on the” ash points”, which are defined as” The conductivity of ash,%, expressed to an accuracy of three decimal places ” (British Sugar Corp., Central Laboratory, ICUMSA headquarters). Further, the “reflection degree color” and “solution color” or “filtered color”, as they are called, are used for weighing TU, which have formulas for determining as confusing as the formula for “ash points”. So, as you can see, it is not easy for a beginner to understand this.

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