Chickpeas (Turkish peas)

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Chickpeas (Turkish peas)

Chickpeas are a pod plant with grains of an unusual shape. It has a straight stem. The plant can reach 70 cm in height, it reproduces by self-pollination. Turkish peas are very fond of warmth, their homeland is mainly Central Asia. At the moment, it is also actively grown in India, Eastern Europe and some regions of Africa.

People have known it for a long time, in particular, peas were found in Greece, whose age is more than 7000 years. In Iraq, archaeologists have found chickpea seeds that grew during the Bronze Age. It was used not only as food, but also for medicinal purposes. And it has not earned its fame in vain: now it is one of the most consumed legumes in the world after beans and peas.

Just a few grains of Turkish peas a day are enough to saturate the body with all the necessary useful substances, vitamins and minerals. This product helps to improve the condition of all internal organs, stimulates blood circulation and supports heart health.

Chickpeas allow you to regulate blood sugar levels, which is very useful for people with diabetes. Due to the high concentration of fiber, with regular use of the product, digestion improves, including the state of the intestines .

Chickpea grains contain about 30% protein, which is not inferior in quality to the protein contained in chicken eggs. In addition, the product contains about 50-60% of high-quality carbohydrates, up to 5% of minerals and a wide range of vitamins, including A, C, group B, PP. Due to such a large number of useful substances, including high-quality proteins, chickpeas can be consumed instead of meat, and it is often included in a vegetarian diet along with soy. In addition, this product will be very useful if you observe a fast or the use of meat is restricted for medical reasons.

Turkish peas are very useful in the following cases:

  • blood pressure stabilization;
  • prevention of gastrointestinal pathologies;
  • cleansing the body of toxins;
  • improving the state of the digestive system;
  • normalization of the liver.
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