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UREA (Urea)-UREA 46

Concentrated solid nitrogen fertilizer

Composition of CO(NH2)2
Nitrogen (N) 46.2 %
Advantages of using carbamide :

Regulates the growth of vegetative mass
Increases the protein and gluten content in the grain
Increases the level of crop yield

In agriculture, carbamide of the “B” brand is used on all types of soil and for all agricultural crops as the main, seed fertilizer and top dressing. Carbamide provides a significant increase in crop yield.

Carbamide is used in rice cultivation, for non-root fertilizing of vegetable and fruit crops, as well as for late fertilizing of wheat in order to increase the protein content in the grain. With foliar fertilization, unlike other nitrogen fertilizers, urea, even in high concentrations (>5%), does not burn the leaves and at the same time is well absorbed by plants.

When mainly applied to the soil, it is not inferior in efficiency to ammonium nitrate. The largest amount of urea nitrogen in comparison with other nitrogen fertilizers mainly determines the economic feasibility of its use as a fertilizer, as well as as an additive to feed for ruminants.

With surface application to the soil, urea must be sealed in a timely manner, because nitrogen losses are possible due to the volatilization of ammonia.

On acidic soils, when using carbamide, it is recommended to add 0.8 c CaCO3 per 1 c of fertilizer to neutralize its potential physiological acidity. On the day of sowing, urea can be mixed with super phosphate and potassium chloride. It is good to mix it with phosphorous flour.

Urea is resistant to leaching, which is important for areas with irrigated agriculture, and can be released into the soil, both in solid form and in the form of solutions with other liquid nitrogen fertilizers.

Carbamide can be used as a feed additive for ruminants (according to the feed value, 100 g of urea is equivalent to 260 g of protein or 2.7 kg of oats).

Technical specifications

Carbamide (urea) is the most concentrated solid nitrogen fertilizer belonging to the amide group. Two grades of carbamide are produced: “A” – white crystals or granules (for industry) and “B” – white or slightly colored granules (for agriculture). The fertilizer dissolves well in water, and under normal storage conditions it is poorly tracked.

*To preserve the commercial properties of the product during transportation and storage, the treatment of urea with urea-formaldehyde resin, ammonium sulfate is allowed as a conditioning additive.

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