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Ferrosilicon is a silicon-iron alloy characterized by excellent strength characteristics. It is used as a deoxidizer, reducing agent and fortifier. It is widely used in the smelting of spring-spring, corrosion- and heat-resistant, electrical steels, thermite mixtures. Company KSP Steel LLP offers the following grades of ferrosilicon

How does ferrosilicon affect the properties of steel

Silicon, which is in the composition of ferrosilicon, contributes to an increase in tensile strength, yield strength and elasticity. It also reduces the impact strength, increases the resistance of steel to oxidation. Siliceous steel is widely used in the manufacture of spring springs, and transformer iron with silicon is an excellent basis for the production of electrical engineering.

The effect of ferrosicillium on steel

increases the grain size of the material, the higher the content of this substance, the higher the grain size;

increases hardenability;

normalizes the annealing temperature;

increases tempering;

enhances strength and hardness;

reduces plasticity;

increases resistance to the oxidation process.

Where it is used

This alloy is used to increase the strength characteristics of the finished steel. It is also an effective deoxidizing and alloying additive for various alloys. Thanks to this component, the material acquires resistance to high temperatures and corrosion, elasticity and strength, fluidity and tear resistance.  It is worth noting that the scope of application of ferrosilicon is not limited to the production of steel. This composition is widely used for the reduction of oxides, which makes it an indispensable component in the production of ferroalloys with low oxygen levels in the composition.

Ferrosilicon is supplied in crushed form in pieces of 0-10mm, 10-50 mm, 10 -100 mm or 20-200mm in size. The mass fraction of the class less than 10 mm is not more than 10%.

Ferrosilicon is packed in plastic bags of the “big-run” type with polyethylene inserts weighing no more than 1000 kg.
Ferrosilicon is supplied in batches. The batch consists of ferrosilicon of one or more melts of the same brand.


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