Our company ALBENIMAR GROUP OF COMPANIES is engaged in wholesale and small wholesale supplies and sale of cereals, oilseeds, as well as products of their processing – cereals, flour, cake, oils, meal, etc. We have extensive experience in the market of strawberry and grain crops.

We also supply product items on request in both large wholesale lots and small wholesale lots . Food products are products in natural or processed form , consumed by a person in writing , as well as food raw materials . What exactly can we supply you: fruit and vegetable products, cereals (pasta, cereals , flour,grain) , dairy – milk and dairy products, sugar wholesale, edible fats – vegetable and animal fats, oils, margarine and mayonnaise: meat -meat and poultry , including canned food.

We have experience in supplying products of factories and plants for the production of everything necessary for human activity of the body to different countries.

Our company tries to faithfully fulfill all orders received from wholesale buyers. We will be glad to receive your applications.